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Chasteberry (Vitex)

Hello! I'm so glad I found this community. I love hearing about alternative medicine :)

Okies. Well as my story goes..I went to a local clinic with my twin sis and told them we have irregular cycles. Mine come about 2-4 months. Well all they did was give us birth control pills.. Not much of an explanation on how they work, just *how* to take them. We took them for 4 months, then we decided to stop taking them a few weeks ago. I had an irritating time with trying to explain about my cultural background to the nurses..

My sister looked for alternatives, and found an oddly named herb "Chasteberry" and I read more upon it. I was pretty convinced, but I still had questions. I brought this brand because it contained the active ingredients (0.5 %), and it's veggie-based!

I have a few questions:
1.) How long should I wait until I start taking Vitex? (to clear out the synthetic hormones from HBC)
2.) A friend of mine said that it can only be taken for up to 18 months. Is it okay if I keep taking it much longer than that, like in years, lol!
3.) Can I take Vitex while menstruating?
4.) Any recommended dosage? (the bottle says 1-3 capsules daily)
5.) If you have any experience with Vitex, I'd love to hear it :)
6.) Any sites I should read?

Thank You so much!

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