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herbs for your uterus

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Altiva Rosemary Leaf Tea Bags [12 Aug 2011|06:08am]

How late is too late to take Rosemary tea to induce period? My bf came in me and I'd like to use the tea as birth control and as a herbal abortion. I am not taking any contraceptive. How effective is Rosemary tea and how much should I drink? Is Parsley tea a better idea?

I'm 5'1 and 97lbs.
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tea that stimulates menstruation [18 Apr 2011|06:44pm]


I've had good luck by combining their Women's Libertea with crushed juniper berries from the spice aisle at the grocery store. Drinking 3 pots of strong tea over 2 days induces my period to start several days early.
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Vitex to cure Amenorrhoea - help! [29 Nov 2010|09:55pm]

Hi there,
I am turning to this community for a little help.

I have a history of amenorrhoea. Collapse )

I have been off HBC for about three months now, with no signs of bleeding, but hormonal changes definitely happening (breakouts). I want to start taking vitex, but how long do I take it for? Can I take it on an ongoing basis, even if my period is restored? I have done some research on the web but it usually only mentions vitex in terms of fertility/getting pregnant. I just want to attempt to introduce some sense of normalcy to my cycle. I worry that without this kind of influence, my body will give into hormonal anarchy again.

If I were in my home country I would be turning to a naturopath for sure, but I don't have that luxury at the moment, mainly due to financial reasons and also language barriers. If anyone can help in any way, it would be greatly appreciated. I really want to try and do this right this time around.

Thanks x
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herbal question [15 Aug 2010|02:43pm]


i've had a paragard since december and it's been wonderful so far, except this month my period is a day late, so now i'm trying to induce my period to come. i've taken a pregnancy test and it says that i'm not pregnant, but i don't like that my period isn't here when it should be. i've had a particularly stressful month so that could be stalling my period, but i've also had a lot of sex and i know the paragard isn't 100% so now i'm more stressed. ughhh where is my period!?

yesterday i started using parsley vaginally. i've also been taking several 400 mg vitex capsules and 450 mg parsley capsules per day, which is about double the amount that the bottles suggest. how much should i take to induce my period? any other suggestions?

thank you!!!
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Peace of Mind? [31 Jul 2010|01:47am]
Hi, everyone. :)

I'm super new to livejournal, and actually only joined because I've read some of the advice and methods in this community and am thoroughly impressed. I was hoping I might be able to get a few opinions from you all. :)

I'll cut right to the chase, I suppose. My last period started June 29th and ended on July 6th. My boyfriend and I had protected sex (condom only; I'm in the process of finding the right birth control) July 7th & July 13th. It occured to me that I was at peak fertility the week of the 11th and, while there weren't any visible signs of condom failure (no breaks, no leaking post-use, nothing), I'm still a bit nervous.

My cycle is usually exact - a month between cycles - which means that my period was due Thursday. I've been nervous, and I know that stress can delay menstruation, so I'm hoping that's what's causing the delay.

I'm still nervous that I've fallen into that 10% of women who get pregnant even with a condom used correctly.

Do any of you think that I could be pregnant?

I've been drinking parsley & green tea all night (4 cups, about to start my 5th [this time, straight parsley]), as well as taken approx. 1250mg of vitamin C, all in hopes of starting my period. As an added measure, I drank a tall glass of orange juice mixed with dried parsley, though I'm not sure it's going to help at all.

Right now, I've got some cramping, but I'm not sure if that could be attributed to this evening's herbal teas or just an excess of Vitamin C. What do you think?

Also, I know that if I'm pregnant (god forbid), I'm going to go through with a medical abortion. Can someone tell me exactly what to expect? I went to a Catholic highschool, so, obviously, my meager education on the subject is a little biased.

I would really appreciate any responses. Thank you all so much.
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Reputable Vitex Pills? [30 May 2010|06:46pm]

A couple of vitex-related posts recently have reminded me to ask this:

I've been taking vitex to even out my luteal phases and try to cajole my ovaries into not doing the cyst thing. (The cysts aren't a huge health issue, but they make using FAM inconvenient -- and they are even more inconvenient when they burst.)

I have been using a tincture prepared at a local herb shop. The good new in this is that I know it's prepared using the correct part of the plant, it's been stored correctly, etc. The bad news is that because it's a tincture**, I only end up remembering to take it about 1 of every 3 or so days. And that's not helping as much as it could.

Basically, I'm way too conditioned to How to Remember Pills. I know the cell phone alarm should be pretty versatile, but even when I was on HBC, I remembered visually. Then, I had a pill case labeled SunMonTueWedThuFriSat, so I could see whether or not I'd taken that day's pill. Similarly, in order to keep track of period pain meds, I have a little case labeled SMTWTFS, so I can see whether I'm maxed out on meds for the day.

So it would be awesome if I could find quality vitex in pill form; they'd fit literally into my pill case and figuratively into my life pattern. Only, I'm pretty skeptical of a fair number of commercial brands and am not sure which ones to get.

So -- and here's the TL;DR version -- anyone have knowledge of or experience with reputable vitex pills that worked well for you?


** In greater detail: It tastes seven kinds of nasty, so I need to take it inside some kind of of other liquid that has its own taste and which taste I do not mind perverting with the taste of this bitter concoction. This means my morning cups of coffee and evening beer and/or wine are right out. I have priorities and caffeine (especially) and (to a lesser degree) alcohol trump more convenient ovarian function.

Cross posted to vaginapagina.
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yarrow for post-iud spotting? [28 Apr 2010|08:10pm]

I need help with yarrow! I got my Mirena IUD a week ago and still have some fairly light spotting, not blood blood but kind of like that weird discharge at the end of the period. Except it's more pinkish. Anyway, the IUD was installed at the end of my period, and I know some further bleeding is totally normal, but it's a nuisance. (I had a month-long "period" of this sort when I tried stacking my Nuva ring and I have no patience for that business.)

There were a couple of recent posts at iud_divas by members reporting positive results with yarrow. However, I believe these people were using the tincture, which my local natural foods shop doesn't carry. They did have the herb and the flowers in the bulk section, so I bought 1oz of the herb and made a cup of tea with 1 1/2 tsp.

Like everything menstrual, I'm sure it varies from person to person, but what's the therapeutic amount (herb : water ratio and cups per day) and how much is toxic?
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Total Ovulation Control [21 Mar 2010|03:40pm]
"Total Ovulation Control" - it is the program for pocket and personal computers which is intended for forecasting dates with low and high degrees of probability of approach of pregnancy, days of the beginning menstruation, presumable date of childbirth, dates of conception and a predicted sex of the future child. Results of the forecast can be used for planning conception of the child or, on the contrary, for prevention of approach of undesirable pregnancy. The calendar can be used also for more effective reception contraceptive.

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i apologize for being so brief. [09 Dec 2009|02:21am]

is there something natural i can use to help polycystic ovary syndrome?
thank you. xo
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Parsley tea/birth control? [14 Nov 2009|06:27pm]

Is it harmful to drink parsley tea while on birth control pills (in my case, Loestrin)? Would the estrogen properties mess with the hormones in the pills?
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Ginger for cramps? [28 Sep 2009|01:37am]

I read somewhere or other that ginger can be as effective as ibuprofen for menstrual cramps, so I picked up a bottle of the dried stuff in gelatin capsules and it took the edge off, but that was about it. My cramps range from bad to debilitating (I get to the point of feeling pretty nauseous, but the pain has never actually made me vomit).
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has tried this? Perhaps this just doesn't work for me, or perhaps I just got the dosage wrong. I was taking 1 (550 mg) capsule at a time. Also, I believe I started when the cramps started instead of when bleeding started (there's usually a buffer of a few hours there, for me).

Anyone have any experience or suggestions?
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Parsley Tea Side Effects? [20 Sep 2009|02:34pm]

Hi everyone!

I want to use parsley in order to induce my period a week early for the first time. Before I do it though, I was wondering if there are any side effects from using it. For example, is your period heavier or lighter? are your cramps worse? does it affect your next period in any way? etc.

Thank you so much in advance!

ETA: Also, I really want to insure that I get my period a week early (I'm going to visit my boyfriend [long distance relationship] the week that I'm supposed to get my period) and I've heard that taking a lot of vitamin C helps to induce your period as well. Could/should I do both things or would that just be way too much for my body?
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Treating menstrual symptoms [18 Sep 2009|04:38pm]

Hello all!

I got a copper IUD about a month and a half ago now (and am pretty much in love) and have noticed a few things about my second ParaGard period--symptoms that may ease up in a few months or might stick around for a bit longer.

I've got two concerns:

1. Longer periods have given me more acne than I'm used to having. It's not bothersome to the extent that I want to see a dermatologist or anything, but if anyone here can recommend something I can use in the days before my period to keep the buggers down and then something to make them less ouchy and go away faster, that'd be grand. I'd like to use something natural and stick away from harsh drug-store chemicals if possible.

2. My main concern. Mild to moderate fatigue is common on the first few or heavy days of my period, but since I'm bleeding MORE than I used to and since my period is longer now, I'm experiencing more of this. I'm thinking I'll boost my iron intake around the magical menstrual time and try to drink even more fluids than I already do, but does anyone else have any other suggestions?

I don't necessarily want a stimulant to keep me perky, but anything that'll lessen the physical wear and tear my body during this time and keep me from being a half-conscious zombie would be greatly appreciated!

For reference: 22, NP, generally in good health, treating depression and anxiety with medication. Take Adderal XR and Pristiq (SNRI, streamlined form of Effexor) so nothing that might interact with those fun chemicals.

Thanks everyone!
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copper iud [17 Sep 2009|01:46am]

what are your thoughts? experiences?
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parsley tea and pregnancy test [25 Aug 2009|11:16am]

i'm late, by about 10 days, and i'm hoping it's just due to stress. i've been taking vitamin C and drinking parsley tea, but still no sign of Aunt Flo. so i took a test and it indicated i have no other visitors either, but i'm wondering if all that parsley tea and vitamin C could affect the outcome of the test?

can i relax or should i go get another test?
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Wild Yam as birth control? [20 Aug 2009|05:09pm]

Has anyone ever tried Wild Yam as a birth control method?

Is it reliable?

I'm exploring different contraceptive options. My partner and I are monogamous, so there are no worries with disease or anything.

I've tried hormonal methods in the past and did not like the way they made me feel. Recently, I've been reading a lot on sisterzeus.com and really like what she has to say. But reading other first hand accounts from some other folks would make me feel better about making a decision.

Any other herbal contraceptives that the ladies here have found success with would also be very welcome. First hand testimonials are a super plus plus. :)

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Possible Pregnancy [18 Aug 2009|07:03pm]

The condom broke during sex Sunday night. I'm not sure when during intercourse it broke, but I'm pretty sure my boyfriend came inside of me. I am due to have my period in the next week or so, and feel I am at my peak of fertility. I've been taking about 500mg of vitamin C every couple hours, as well as Dong Quai. It's been about 48 hours since intercourse... Should I continue with vitamin C and Dong Quai? I am considering the morning after pill, but I'm scared as I don't really take medicine or anything. I'm not sure if I'm nervous or over-reacting, but I am in no position to get pregnant at this point in my life. Thanks ahead of time for any insight.

edit: Also, if I do decide to take the morning after pill (I already have one being held at my local pharmacy to pick up tomorrow)... are there any herbs that should help be afterward to stabilize my hormones? Should I continue with the vitamin C and/or Dong Quai? Kind of icky, but since taking the C and Dong Quai I've had really intense white discharge... it's really gross. What does this mean? I assume my body in extreme detox mode?
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[06 May 2009|11:08pm]


Evening, just wondering if anybody here would know of any herbs which could help increase the sex drive?
thank you thank you thank you

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Chasteberry (Vitex) [02 May 2009|05:30pm]

Hello! I'm so glad I found this community. I love hearing about alternative medicine :)

Okies. Well as my story goes..I went to a local clinic with my twin sis and told them we have irregular cycles. Mine come about 2-4 months. Well all they did was give us birth control pills.. Not much of an explanation on how they work, just *how* to take them. We took them for 4 months, then we decided to stop taking them a few weeks ago. I had an irritating time with trying to explain about my cultural background to the nurses..

My sister looked for alternatives, and found an oddly named herb "Chasteberry" and I read more upon it. I was pretty convinced, but I still had questions. I brought this brand because it contained the active ingredients (0.5 %), and it's veggie-based!

I have a few questions:
1.) How long should I wait until I start taking Vitex? (to clear out the synthetic hormones from HBC)
2.) A friend of mine said that it can only be taken for up to 18 months. Is it okay if I keep taking it much longer than that, like in years, lol!
3.) Can I take Vitex while menstruating?
4.) Any recommended dosage? (the bottle says 1-3 capsules daily)
5.) If you have any experience with Vitex, I'd love to hear it :)
6.) Any sites I should read?

Thank You so much!

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Swine Flu Scare will be used as precedent for more big gov [28 Apr 2009|01:00pm]

Cross posted to the natural living site as well. Rest of the article HERE: http://www.prisonplanet.com/ron-paul-warns-swine-flu-scare-will-be-used-as-precedent-for-more-big-government.html
along w/ the original 70's gov promo video encouraging people to take the vaccine - which ultimately paralyzed several hundred people.

“Step back and think for a minute before rushing and panicking” is the message coming from Texas Congressman Ron Paul who has warned that the swine flu scare will once again be used as a precedent for big government intrusion.

“It makes me think back to 1976, the first year I served in the Congress,” Paul has said in a video update. “We had a vote on the swine flu. Back then there was panic, they said it was going to sweep the nation and they rapidly came up with some flu shots and the government was going to inoculate everybody and save the world from this disaster.”

“It turned out that our instincts were correct.” the Congressman, also a medical physician, commented. “Not only did we think that the government should be involved in making medical decisions… but the flu came, the flu went and one person died, except for those individuals that died from getting the flu vaccine.”

Earlier this week we reported on the events of 1976, highlighting the fact that this last significant outbreak of swine flu in the U.S. originated at the army base at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

President Gerald Ford and then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (a man who has long standing intimate ties with the big pharma companies that have and will reap millions in profits from these scares) instituted a mass nationwide vaccination program. More than 40 million people were vaccinated. However, the program was stopped short after over 500 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome, a severe paralyzing nerve disease, were reported. Officially 30 people died as a direct result of the vaccinations, though the real figure is generally thought to have been much higher.

At the time Congressman Ron Paul was one of only two representatives to vote down the vaccination program. His comments were recorded in the book Swine Flu Expose, by Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D.

Paul described the move as “a shocking misuse of funds …and an evil political maneuver”, “blatant advertising efforts to panic the people into taking Swine Flu shots will fail.” Paul said.

Other - since I'm up late calling Asia job hunting, I listen to George Noory on Coast to Coast AM. Last Night he had all the Swine Flu experts - biologists to alternative media. They succinctly think this is bioengineering to rid us of Hispanic folks and a tactic to divert attention from what's really going on. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but given history repeating itself, will be it is a diversion ploy and will NOT be taking anything other than more vitamins - EVEN when traveling via plane to Asia in 2 1/2 weeks.

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