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herbs for your uterus
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This community is intended as a forum for discussion of the following things:
-Emmenegogues (herbs that induce menstruation)
-Herbal contraceptives (herbs that serve as a preventative measure against pregnancy)
-Abortifacients (herbs that purge the contents of the uterus, and are capable of aborting a fetus or lower level of uterine inhabitant)
-Natural remedies (particularly pertaining to women, such as yeast infection remedies)
-Personal experiences with herbs
-Recipes for teas (etc) with emmenegogue, contraceptive, or abortifacient properties.
-Your experiences with menstruation or other bodily issues
-Alternative menstrual products
-Your personal experiences with other forms of birth control/morning after pill/abortion
-Menstrual charting
-Pretty much anything else!

This is not the place for
-encouraging or bullying others towards western medicine
-political discussions (even involving fertility rights)

This is all about knowledge and learning! It’s all about sharing what you know, so that it can help other people take control of their bodies.
There is no reason for us to live in ignorance of our bodies.

So please join. Men are absolutely welcome to come and listen, to share what they know, or to just offer support.
Tell your friends, your enemies, and anyone else who has any interest in happy vaginas, vulvas and uteruses!

If you need any assistance, evilmannequine is the founder and moderator of this community. Please feel free to e mail evilmannequine at gmail dot com if there is a problem with this community or you see a post that should be removed!